4 Ways You Shouldn't be Sharing your Wedding Photos

4 Ways You Shouldn't be Sharing your Wedding Photos

In a recent interview, Bollywood star Alia Bhatt revealed how important photographs are to her. Be it the magical proposal or the dazzling wedding, she admitted that capturing those moments to perfection is something that is prioritized. And we all saw how amazing those pictures turned out to be. Be it a celebrity wedding or a mid-sized budget wedding, photographs play a great role in every wedding. It’s the only way to memorialize one of the most special days of your life. Being able to share images of your special day with your friends and family so easily is a privilege we didn’t really have a couple of decades ago.

But do you share your wedding photos the same way you’d share any regular old images? Sure, the options are endless but we feel there are a few things to remember when sharing your wedding photographs. Or rather a few ways not to share the pictures of the most important day of your life.


Now, this seems like the perfect option right? Having that “insta-worthy” photo at every wedding, that’s just part of the deal nowadays. Posting the highlights of your wedding to let your friends know that you’ve tied that knot - Instagram is the perfect platform for such an announcement.

But would you take the trouble to upload your entire wedding album of more than 500 photos on Instagram? Another thing to consider here is how much access you want your guests to have. Sure, you'd love to share the wild party photos with your closest friends, but maybe you'd like to keep your first look or getting ready snapshots private. And though you want your parents and grandparents to have access to the family portraits, the late-night dance floor photos aren’t for the fainted-hearted, is it?  And do you really want to risk your ex leaving a snarky comment under your mushy wedding picture? Ultimately, if there's anything you don't want to share with guests, posting those photos on your social media would be a mistake.

Other issues include reaching those who don’t have social media accounts or the technical know-how to access these platforms.


Your wedding is supposed to evoke happy, wholesome memories within your guests. But when you choose to share over 5000 images of your special day on Whatsapp, with the never-ending“ping-ing” and their phone memory gets filled to the brim, they might end up feeling differently. We have all received wedding photographs from certain friends and family who seem to have no qualms about sending 500+ heavy resolution images to everyone on their contact list. What this person doesn’t realize is that they’re literally giving each of their contacts a copy of all their special wedding photos whether they asked for it or not. Maybe WhatsApp is best left for the good morning messages and the funny stickers.


Emails and Wetransfer are tools used mainly for business activities. Sending your dreamy wedding pictures via email is not only tacky but also really old-fashioned. There is again the hassle of the receiver having to download the entire album whether they want to or not while compromising precious storage space on their phone or laptop.

Physical Album

While this might be a welcome option for the older generation such as those grandparents who want nothing to do with technology, it isn’t hard to see how this isn’t the most feasible method to share your photos. Lugging around a heavy wedding album as you visit your relatives might have been a common scenario a few decades ago but now it’s simply impractical.  

So what is the best way to send your wedding photographs in a way that your wedding is remembered as a lovely and classy event?

Premagic makes it possible to send your guests a personalized online wedding album complete with beautiful cover designs and layouts. It even supports HD video files! The best part is that there is absolutely no need to download or upload any heavy files. The online photo gallery can be forwarded to your friends and family using a single link via mail or other online platforms like WhatsApp.

You can also add music to the album to elevate the whole vibe. Here’s something even cooler - you can also create password-protected private galleries or choose to hide some photographs from a certain audience. That conservative aunt of yours will have no opportunity to leave judgemental comments on your risque save-the-date photos!

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event for many. The memories of which should always be treasured. With Premagic Signature Album, your precious memories remain safe and untarnished with no physical wear and tear forever on the Cloud.

When you figure out the best way to share wedding photos, you can celebrate the day over and over again with your family and friends. With Premagic’s Signature Albums, you get an ideal way to share your photos and an easy way to digitally preserve your memories forever, without any wear and tear.