4 NEW Signature Album Cover Design Updates

4 NEW Signature Album Cover Design Updates

An album’s cover picture can say a lot about your brand, and make an impression on viewers. Your style of photography, aesthetics and colour sense and your brand’s unique identity can be communicated through your cover photo. We’ve introduced many features that can help you achieve that perfect first impression!

Custom Cover Layout

Users can now set a custom cover layout for their signature album. You can choose between the default view - wherein the image is set within a selected background colour or the full image view - in which case the image fills the screen while the text overlaps it, creating a more dramatic effect.

Background Blur

The background of the selected cover picture can easily be modified with the “Background Blur” option. This is a convenient way to draw attention to the central focus of the image

Change Album Name and Hide Logo

You can now choose to remove all text from the cover picture which includes the Album Name as well as the company logo. The Album Name can also be changed easily if required.

Gallery Design Preview

You can now easily preview the gallery design without having to open and refresh the album after each design setting change. The Gallery Design Preview lets you view your design changes simultaneously without affecting your album creation progress.