5 New Premagic Selection Album Features You Probably Didn’t Know About!

5 New Premagic Selection Album Features You Probably Didn’t Know About!

1. Since the whole process of photo selection has been simplified, we know that some of your clients tend to go overboard and select way too many photos, enough to fill atleast three albums. This can again lead to more back-and-forth correspondence.

With our newly incorporated Selection Budget feature – you can set a limit that suggests the maximum number of photos that ideally should be selected. This makes it all the easier to start building the album layout.

2. Everyone loves a good center-spread in their wedding albums. It’s a great way to highlight some of the most special moments of the joyous occasion. However, as a photographer, it might be difficult to gauge the priority that needs to be given to each photo.

The Mark as important feature is a handy option that lets the client mark specific photos as important, to imply that these particular photos should be presented prominently in the album. They can just click on the little flag button on the top right corner of each photo. Additionally, when you receive the client-selected photos, those images that are marked as important will be saved and delivered in a separate folder to make things easier for you.

3. You may have faced those unfortunate situations where the client refuses to make the final payment for the album in spite of all the effort you’ve put into creating it. While you can withhold the album until the payment is made, you can also prevent the client from downloading the digital images via the selection album.

The disable download option allows the client to view and select the photos but prevents the download of the photos. This is also useful if you want to discourage your client from posting unedited photos on social media.

The Block Album feature takes this one step ahead. Keeping those unscrupulous clients in mind, we’ve enabled an option where you can simply block the whole album from the client. The client will not be able to access or download the images. The block can be reverted at any point from within your settings menu.

4. You end up shooting thousands of photos at each event. There is bound to be many repeated or a couple of blurry or unintentional shots. You can save the client from wading through hoards of unnecessary photos by using the Delete Bulk Feature.


Once you’ve dragged and dropped all the photos into the software, Bulk Delete Files allows you to delete multiple similar or unnecessary images at once before sending them off to the client for review.

5. Your final edits are done, the album has been delivered, payment has been made and the client is happy. You’re completely done with the project and yet all of the photos from it are still saved within your software clogging up all your storage.

This is where the Archive feature comes in handy. Archiving completed projects will remove all the photographs from the software and free up storage for future projects.