Keep the Event Momentum Alive with Sparks!

Keep the Event Momentum Alive with Sparks!

As an event professional, you pour your heart and soul into creating unforgettable experiences. From the initial planning stages to the day of execution, every detail is meticulously crafted to wow your attendees. But what happens when the event comes to a close? How do you keep the momentum, excitement, and engagement going strong?

Enter Sparks - a revolutionary new solution designed to ignite lasting connections and fuel ongoing event engagement. By providing personalized, curated highlight reels directly to each attendee's phone, Sparks ensures your event's magic lives on long after the closing ceremonies.

Our process is simple and similar to Google Memories: After your event concludes, attendees will receive a curated set of photos from the event gallery via WhatsApp. This prompts them to easily share their memories on social media, keeping the event alive even after it's over.

Here is how Sparks can do wonders for your event.

Extend the Event Lifecycle
One of the biggest challenges event organizers face is maintaining engagement once the event wraps up. With Sparks, you can effectively extend the lifecycle of your event, keeping attendees invested and connected to the brand experience you've created. A dynamic stream of visual highlights delivered straight to your audience's fingertips keeps the event top-of-mind, sparking conversations and sharing of experiences that perpetuate the excitement.

Nurture Your Event Community
Events are about more than just the few days of programming - they're about fostering connections and cultivating communities around your brand. With Sparks, you have a powerful tool to nurture these communities year-round, keeping your attendees engaged until the next event on the calendar.

By consistently delivering personalized highlight reels tailored to each attendee's experiences and interests, you stay front-and-center while adding value to their lives. This ongoing brand presence strengthens the emotional bond attendees feel towards your events, transforming them into fervent advocates and brand loyalists.

Unleash UGC-based Marketing
With a continuous stream of captivating, shareable highlights at their fingertips, attendees can't help but share their event experiences across their networks. This organic promotion introduces your event to entirely new audiences in an authentic, trustworthy way that cuts through the noise of traditional advertising.

Maximize Content and ROI
In the events industry, content is king - and with Sparks, you have a wellspring of rich, dynamic content at your disposal. From those highlight reels, you can extract powerful video snippets, photo galleries, and social media content to amplify your marketing reach and strengthen your event's brand identity.

Ensuring continued networking among attendees: By revisiting the event gallery, attendees have the opportunity to reconnect with others they may have missed initially. Our new networking feature, Ripple, allows attendees to tap on photos to connect with others, providing access to their details and direct links to their LinkedIn profiles for further connections.

By tapping into the power of Sparks to extend your event's lifecycle, nurture communities, spark user-generated content, and maximize networking opportunities, you're equipping yourself with a powerful weapon to extract maximum ROI from your event initiatives. As an event professional, your goal is to create impactful, memorable experiences - with Sparks, you can ensure those magical moments live on indefinitely.

Ignite lasting connections and keep the fire burning long after your event's conclusion. Get in touch with us to know more!